Air GATO Enterprises Inc. offers a variety of aviation services including:

Air GATO’s  personalized charters offer you convenience and cost effective alternative for moving one person or a group of employees.  You will benefit from the efficiencies gained from fewer on the road hours, fewer overnights, and potentially lower round trip costs, all with increased productivity, due to a less stressed management team that did not have to “fight” the airlines and their schedules to perform their jobs.

Our aircraft are company owned and maintained.  They are maintained to the most stringent Federal Aviation Administration standards to assure your safety and comfort.  When you charter an Air GATO aircraft, you charter a lifetime of experience and tradition in southern aviation hospitability.  Whether business or pleasure, we take YOU where YOU want to be when YOU want to be there.  Your travel is arranged according to your schedule.  All flights are direct, without over bookings or missed connections.

Travel on your schedule, to your destination.  Air GATO can take you closer to your destination than most airline flights.  Air GATO can access all the airports available to all of general aviation, most of which are not served by the airlines.  For business purposes chartering an aircraft allows you to explore and expand your market faster than your competition.  You can bring ideas to the conference table faster than competitors and be making your presentation when others are still thinking about it; because you understand the value of time and you know how to make the most of your business day.  Additionally, you will make an unforgettable impression upon your arrival.  You will enjoy a higher level of comfort, security, and privacy that simply cannot be equaled with any other form of public transportation, including commercial air travel.  Your quality of life is greatly enhanced by your chartered experience, and your time will be utilized to a better degree as we eliminate the airline requirement of hours prior to flight time arrival, crowded terminals, and lost luggage.

Air Ambulance Services

Air GATO is the Management Company for Flight Operations serving Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc. as they provide a variety of services globally. The services consist of:

  1. Private air ambulance;
  2. Medical escorts on commercial aircraft;
  3. Commercial stretcher transfers. Commercial stretcher service is provided on international flights only.
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