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Air GATO Enterprises, Inc. is an FAA approved Part 135 Charter Company serving the public in air transportation.  These flights may be passenger charter flights or ambulance charter flights.  Currently, the Company has at its immediate disposal a 1991 Avanti Piaggio P180 aircraft that has the ability to carry eight passengers, in comfort, on stage lengths of approximately 1500 statute miles. The Piaggio has the ability to be formatted in executive configuration or air ambulance configuration and has an enclosed lavatory in the rear of the aircraft. Additionally the Company has a 1979 Piper Chieftain Navajo aircraft that has the ability to carry seven passengers, in comfort, on stage lengths of approximately 900 statute miles. The fleet will double in size within the next 18 months to include a Learjet 36 and Learjet 60.

Air GATO Enterprises, Inc. is located in mid Pinellas County in central Florida at the St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport.  This avails us the ability to reposition with a minimum of unusable “dead leg” flight time if your flight does not originate in the St. Petersburg area.  The Company is very self contained, not utilizing fractionated aircraft.  Fractionated aircraft come from a clearing house and may take a great deal of time to reach “our customer”.  Our staff handles all the requests for flights on a one on one, personal basis, with great emphasis on courtesy, expediency, and an attitude of personal care toward you, our special customer.

Our entire staff has come from aviation backgrounds and have been formally trained to the highest degree in assuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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Our Team

Director of Maintenance: Mike Hlista

Michael Hlista has served as Director of Maintenance for Air Gato Enterprises, Inc. two years and counting. He received his Associates Degree through the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics and countless certificated aviation safety courses and accommodations throughout his aviation career. Michael has served in a supervisor position for over 23 years and takes great pride in the safety of his fleet. He has over 35 years’ experience as a maintenance technician and has worked on various aircrafts ranging from large air carriers to general aviation aircraft. His qualifications include an FAA airframe and power plant license, Inspection Authorization Certification, FCC Radio repairman’s license as well as his pilot’s license. Michael’s highest priority is to strive for the safest and most efficient air operation in the industry with the help of his highly skilled and motivated team.

Director of Operations: Randy Conley

David R. (Randy) Conley began flying at the age of 16 and earned his Private Pilot Certificate at 18. He studied Aircraft Avionics and Instrument Systems at Spartan School of Aeronautics and graduated in 1985. After a few years of owning and operating an FAA Approved Repair Station he set out to become a Professional Pilot eventually flying passengers for a Regional Airline, freight for a FEDEX contractor, passengers again for a Fractional Ownership Program and eventually landed at Air GATO Enterprises, Inc.

He commented that by far, flying for Air GATO is the most demanding yet rewarding experience in his flying career. He looks forward to growing the company into a major provider in the air ambulance industry.

Chief Pilot: John Farren

Chief Pilot John Farren has been a professional pilot for over thirty years. He has a broad background involving airline, charter, fractional, instruction and Air ambulance. Always striving to be accident and incident free he believes in safety through teamwork. He has over five years of chief pilot experience and also has functioned for many years as a company instructor. He has been a check airman at the airline level. He is a graduate of Cal State University, Los Angeles majoring in Aviation Administration. He been a team member at AirGATO for over two years.